Update 5, 04.02.2022: New year, new theyoungauthors?

  • Hello there stranger, long time no see! In fact, crazy you remember this old place at all, but happy days, welcome home! Come have a read of something, come have a write!
  • As I’m finishing my Computing Science degree, my brain starts churning and I want to do something with theyoungauthors again! Maybe I’ll just turn it into my blog, who knows, whilst still keeping all functionality and inviting wanderers to interact with the site! Or maybe I’ll take another stab at becoming the biggest writing hub for young writers.
  • All in all, if you find yourself here, reach out to me! You got some ideas you want to spring into action? I’ll listen at the very least! 🙂
  • Last but not least, stay safe and stay sane out there! Tricky place us humans have decided to inhabit, be kind to each other!

– Marc Auf der Heyde, signing out. 

Update 4, 21.09.2021: We’re still active

  • Oh hey there, thanks for checking in! We are still alive and kicking, even if new posts seem to trickle in rather than blast through the floodgates, but that doesn’t mean that theyoungauthors is gone!
  • It’s been a crazy couple of years. WRITE ABOUT IT!! Want to express those weird feelings you’re having, are you sick and tired of isolation? WRITE ABOUT IT!!
  • And when you’ve written it, post it here 🙂 Someone will read it!

– Marc Auf der Heyde, signing out. 

Update 3, 07.06.2018: Theyoungauthors Art Gallery!

  • From today onward, you can use theyoungauthors art gallery to download wallpapers and images made by authors on the site. The images used on theyoungauthors.com are royalty free, which means you can download them all for free and use them without a worry on whatever art works you chose.
  • Please give credit where credit is due as some of our artwork is made by users on this site. It’s still royalty free, but a lot of effort goes into their creation, so that should not go unnoticed.
  • Go check it out now!

– Marc Auf der Heyde, signing out. 

Update 2, 05.2018: Theyoungauthors Roadmap and ideas!

  • It’s been a busy time since my best friend and I initially launched theyoungauthors, and though we soon discovered that it’s a lot more difficult to get a project of this scale started, our determination to keep it going has never faltered, and now for the first time since actually launching, I find myself with some spare time.
  • Theyoungauthors has the potential to be a lot of things, and I’m beginning to realize this more and more as I look for new ways to attract interested users. But theyoungauthors should above all else continue to be what it was intended to be; a place for young people to publish their works for no cost at all, to hopefully get feedback from other like minded people, and to get exposure, so that they can feel like their work is being appreciated and that their effort is more than cherished.
  • That being said, a lot of things have come to my mind while thinking of ways to expand into new areas. And the one I’m most excited for, and also confident I can achieve in the next two to three years, is to register theyoungauthors as an official publishing company. A lot of things have brought me to this realization, but I’m not ashamed to admit that the main one has to do with the fact that I’m currently editing my second book, and would like to get it published at some point in the future. Theyoungauthors, in terms of publishing, is, however, not going to be my backup plan. It is my full intention that even if I manage to publish my book with an already existing publishing company, that I one day publish my future works under theyoungauthors name.
  • As a publishing company there’s obviously a lot of things to still consider. Will we maintain the age limit at 25 (or whatever it is), who will work to actively publish works, and so on and so on. But these are things that will develop as the idea itself grows, because honestly, I decided that this was the best course of action, pretty much two hours ago. So I don’t really have a business plan or anything like that.
  • Another idea of mine that I’m proud to bring to the table, is incorporating blockchain technology as a way to distribute work between young authors around the world. I think this is an exciting field of technology that has such an enormous potential to grow, but I’ll also say now in advance that we probably won’t be issuing a young author token, even if the financial potential is such a massive one 😉
  • So, here’s what it’ll look like, using a timeline I’ve literally just used my fingers to type without any real thought whatsoever.

Preliminary Roadmap:

  • 2018-2019:

  1. Register theyoungauthors as an official publishing company.
  2. Relaunch the site with a new and focused social media campaign.
  • 2019-2020:

  1. Take theyoungauthors to the blockchain.
  2. Publish the first theyoungauthors works.

– Marc Auf der Heyde, signing out. 

Update 1, 09.2017: Introducing the new Random Submission Feature!

  • In order to offer as much exposure as possible to all our writers on the site, we have decided to introduce the Random Submission feature, which when clicked on will take the reader to a random post published on the site, free of any influence whatsoever.
  • Though YouTube and other sites claim to regularly feature everyone’s content, their algorithms ensure that users without an already existing fan base will likely never be featured.
  • We make sure that each post is treated equally, and that each page featured on the Random Submission page is exactly that, a truly random submission.
  • That means that posts with a lot of coverage and ongoing discussion, will have the exact same chance of being featured on this page, as any other post on the site!
  • We hereby hope to give our writers a better chance of gaining a user base and being discovered and are excited to see it in action! Try it out now, don’t be afraid of something new!
  • The Random Submission feature is accessible from the top-left corner of every page in the top bar, and in the drop down menu of submissions.

– Marc Auf der Heyde, signing out.