Dear United States of America

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Dear United States of America,

I have a few questions for you. I don’t know how you’ll respond. After all, you tend to have varying opinions. It’s quite difficult to understand exactly who you are. Exactly what you stand for. Exactly what to expect from you. However, lately, I see a particular pattern in your behavior. It’s very different from when I last saw and listened to you. I’ve been listening very carefully now. So, dear America, please answer these for me.

Dear United States of America, since when did you become so divided, and when might I expect you to come back together again? I have seen strangers, acquaintances, friends, even family members of mine drift apart into different sides for different reasons. More and more conflicts keep rising from the ashes. I believed that many of these issues were history. Solved. Finished. Forgotten. I guess I was wrong. I do not think that I’ve ever experienced so much disunity. So much blame passed unto others. So many fingers pointed. Dear America, I do not wish to take any more sides. I do not want to be cursed for my values. I do not want to lose anymore friends. So why, dear America? Why is this happening? I don’t understand what lead to this mayhem. And now I ask:

Dear United States of America, since when did simply being become a battle, and when might I hope to see people living their lives as they are without fear or sorrow? It is as if racism, homophobia, sexism, xenophobia, religious hatred, or other vestiges of vile prejudice is finding its way back into our culture like a despicable trend. I hear all of these hateful, unthinkable slurs and these unbelievable things all around. But, the most abhorrent result of this antagonism is death. How could you let some of your people walk away after their murderous, insular expressions? How? It seems as if you don’t really seem to care, dear America. Those lives lost – to name a few of the most prominent: black, police, gay – mattered to someone else. They were loved by someone. And there are people who walk freely around you, dear America, who ripped those loved ones out of other people’s lives. Every life matters. I believe that our first birthright is the right to live without fear. I understand, dear America, that it is difficult. You cannot eradicate the problem completely. But you can start by taking the proper steps to make sure it doesn’t happen again. I have not experienced such a loss yet, and for that I am unbelievably gracious. But, if someone I love is murdered because of bigotry, just know, dear America, that you will find me fighting as hard as those I see on the news every day, marching because they have been horribly afflicted.

And dear United States of America, since when did your nation have to choose between the lesser of two evils to guide you, and when might I see your people allow a proper leader who holds true your most valuable principles and honestly withholds his or her own personal beliefs for the better rise up and e***** us down a more sophisticated path? Frankly, I am appalled to see your alleged “preferable” nominees stand in front of your people and speak such shocking untruths and elicit fears that need not be so prominent in our lives. It is only a matter of time, dear America. These two have not the power yet to govern you and still their influence shakes you to your core. How feeble have you become? You overlook glaring discrepancies and controversies in what they both have said and done. But it is not just them that chips away at your costly reputation, as the media has also ruled over you for quite some time now.

Dear United States of America, there is a lot more that I could ask and say. I have said a lot. Others too. I know many others who care about you as much as I do. I am a part of you. I was born here. But, dear America, I have seen you from the sidelines. I had been away from you for quite some time. I do not exactly see things the same way others who have been with you longer do. I hope you understand that. The world is not blind to you and what you do, dear America. Everyone is watching. I hope you remember that.

Sincerely, Christian



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