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I began as a little fish in a little pond.

As I discovered new things,

learned new tricks,

I grew.

Soon I became the biggest fish in that little pond

And the only thing I found was that I needed more space.

So I began my journey down the river.

As I swam 

the river only got wider, 

and the other fish around me were much bigger.

I kept swimming 

So I could be as big as them.

Of course

I made some mistakes along the way

When I thought of myself 

As the biggest fish from that 

Small little pond,

But the river didn’t care who I was.

It took me where I didn’t want to go 

When I wasn’t paying attention to it.

I found that it was harder to swim

When I was facing backwards,

against the current. 

So I learned from my mistakes

And the river taught me more tricks,

Showed me new discoveries,

Until I became one of the biggest fish in the river. 

As I swim,

And as I grow,

The river widens more.

And I’m discovering that 

All the other big fish are heading down

A similar current.

Soon we will find ourselves at the mouth of the ocean,

Where we will be little fish once more.

Some of us may ride its waves,

Some may fight its currents,

But no matter what we do,

We must keep swimming.


I hope,

When I grow tired of my space in the ocean,

Perhaps I will be able 

to walk on land. 

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