This land is our land

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This land is our land

This land is our land, is what they say,
This land is to share, without sacrifice or pay,
So why does this land, feel tortured and burnt
This land seems to weep with sorrow and hurt,
This land of ours, oh how we hurt.

I see so many smiles, so many embraceful cheers,
They make me want to smile as well, stretch my face from ear to ear,
I want to share the love, if only my conviction were real,
For as I look at the faces around me, Joy is not that which I feel.

The soil beneath my feet cries and sighs,
Heavy on it’s back are deceit and lies,
But I cannot force open the eyes of those around me,
I cannot paint a striking picture of the truths that seem to be,
All I can do but mourn, is be so hopeful and aware,
And try to pry my eyes away from the sorrows that attract my stare.

I breathe in and I breathe out,
My tears wet my cheek, my heart weighs heavy with bitter doubt,
I see no brightness for this land, I see no glittering rays of sun,
All I want to do is forget, all I want to do is run,
But that we may not, for that lie is bigger,
So do not forget, do not pull the trigger.

We stay aware, pained and in debt.

by Marc Auf der Heyde

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