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Simply, man is the composition of cowardice and the abilities of craft. It is for their fear of the unknown that they craft tools to quench their curiosity. Without these gifts, man would be sullen in the humblest corners of the world and merely allow the planet to spin without reason. The universe would flow on as if no one was waiting to solve its deepest complexities. It is man that is made to challenge the laws they so constructed to give the universe sense. Without these laws, the universe would yet be as unpredictable and random as many careless minds conceive it to be. It is man that is made to demolish the walls that such clever puzzles build, but not to enter what is hitherto dangerous with mysteries that could ruin our seemingly stone and believable principles of logic. Without these cautions, man would be as lost and consumed by confusion and query that we would forever be as simpleminded as our cave-dwelling predecessors. Man, always eager to know more, is still complacent. Because without their ignorance – though they are shameful of it – they would not be at peace and quiet.

The biggest mystery of all is, to their disdain: the existence of themselves. It is from this alone that comes the invention of religion, the tireless search into the depths of the cosmos, the frequent self-reflections, and the never-ending longing to plainly know their purpose. Man is surrounded by suffocating ambiguity and if it were not for the occasional breakthroughs that allow them to breathe just a moment longer, they would be a forgotten skeleton of ashen archives and dull, lackluster recollections of human civilization.

But man is stalwart, evergreen, tenacious. Because the courtesy of the everything, a macrocosm of wonders not yet deserving discovery, would have the human – so diverse in nature and everything – still trod blindly among its curtains of empty black and lure them slowly but generously toward its radiant, glistening answers.


Man of Iron

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