Monologue #1 (five years)

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Five years! Five years I’ve been waiting for them. Half a decade in this fuh… in this tiny cell! I took the blame, all of it… Imagine what that feels like. My boys. What a joke. I tell you, you spend two minutes watching some pretty young thing and bam! you’ve got the coppers breathing down your neck. Me and the boys, we were just having a bit of fun, that’s all. She liked it, you can’t tell me she didn’t like it. She liked it alright. Just a bit of fun, me and my boys were having, just a bit of fun and bam! five years of your life spent in a tiny cell waiting for a tiny photograph…

You wanna know what we did? Nothing outrageous, nothing atrocious, nothing in the least bit unspeakable. It’s speakable alright. I’m speaking ‘bout it, aren’t I? Just a bit of fun. Five years and no photo for a bit of fun. So what, we spent the afternoons following this girl, who cares? Just a bit of fun. Just a bit of cheeky photo taking, photo’s I never got to see, mind you. And she knew about it, she thought it was perfectly alright. Fun in fact! Five years for a bit of fun, now isn’t that a story. Sure that one time might have crossed the line, but you know how my boys get. It’s impossible to say no to them and it was nothing scandalous, nothing scandalous about it at all. All we did was sneak in to her house while she was having a shower and take a few cheeky photos. That’s all. Five years of my life for a few shower photos. What a story. And you wanna know the worst part? I never got to see them pictures.

by Isaiah Michalski, 16, Babelsberger Filmgymnasium, Potsdam Germany


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