2 Teeth Grin

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One year long on this earth
Newest addition to our family
First of a new generation
2 parents, 4 uncles, 2 aunts and 6 grandparents
Many birthday presents for the little guy 5

From his grandmother some legos
A swing from his aunt
And from his uncle’s:
Fire-red, white wheels and a horn for attention
A bobby car 10

Big eyes, dropped jaw and
sticky hands reaching for the present
One glance up to his Uncle and the message is clear
So he Uncle pushes him: up the lawn, down the lawn and up again
Teaching him how to use the horn – maybe a mistake 15

Finally, exhaustion
Exhaustion of Uncle already hours before
So Uncle picks him up and rests him on his shoulder
His head bobbing up once more, smiling his 2-teeth grin
Before closing his eyes and sleeping the sleep of the innocent 20

By Max Görlich, 16, John F. Kennedy School, Berlin, Germany

2 Teeth Grin

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