6 run-on sentences

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1. under crisp leaves and autumn clouds the inexperienced silence shaded my mind as i was only a blue mistake you made once and twice and gone.
2. through teasing taunting back and forth, i crumbled losing in height battling white winter wonders of disconnected technology and blurry words.
3. i was truly yours and you were undeniably mine in the falling flight of sunshine laughter under sweet skin and warm water skies where words had meanings and instants lasted forever creating beauty and joy in empty spaces.
4. liquor poisoned heartbreak drove me to kill the glittering fragile friendship built on now and thens, with lust and smoke and deprecation.
5. ignorance and liquid bliss of denial fought the jet lag in my eyes as dark walls urged me to enact, for no reason at all, yet another self destruction.
6. relapse as a cold and bitter winter falls again and taunts turn to icy secrets painting me with hate and guilt and sour, luxurious regret.


By Luna Corbey, 17, Nightingale, Argentina


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