A devious kitty – An Ode to Macavity

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A devious kitty – An Ode to Macavity

by Marc Auf der Heyde

I know a kitty, so cute and full of life,
I know a kitty with nails sharper than a knife,
This kitty has two eyes, that gleam gold and glitter in the sun,
This kitty sets her own pace everywhere, she knows she mustn’t run,
And when this kitty gets a little bored, that’s when this kitty unveils her fun.

You see this kitty, as cute as she may be,
Is a kitty sharp and witty, though not all can see,
She’s devious, she likes the game, she’ll take you for a ride,
And at the end of the night when it’s all done and gone, she’ll scratch you on your side.

When she leaves you, and you open your eyes to find,
You’ll realize that this kitty has hit the road, leaving you a little blind.
You might feel strange, was there not just a kitty?
But this kitty is gone, this kitty is kind of s*****,
And so, you’ll jump up, try and form your legs,
You’ll chase after that kitty and scrape up her dregs,
Up up and down the rabbit hole, I’m looking for a kitten,
If I don’t find this feline character I think I’ll be quite smitten,
She’s taken a left, maybe a right,
Could have also gone up or down though, are you sure this is worth the fight?

And that’s just it, the question, that lingers when you give it in,
Is this devious little kitten, really worth this blasphemous sin,
Surely the time could be spent otherwise, not looking for this kitten,
But the fascination pulls you in, she is the antivenom and you have been bitten,
You need to catch this kitty, to learn her devious ways,
Learn how she can come and go, unmoved by the changing days,
Her wisdom will fulfil you, in healthy portions as knowledge goes,
For even lessons from a kitten can overwhelm and step on your toes.

In a funny way this kitty never changes, this kitty never leaves,
But if you get close to catching this kitty, through your fingers she will flee,
She is not meant to be caught, she cannot be so easily tamed,
So we continue chasing for the thrill, to catch what is so dearly famed,
The devious kitty, who wants to be chased,
The devious kitty, oh what is this place?

The Devious Kitty 
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