Between Doors

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Between Doors

“Hurry Up!”, I don’t want to make him wait again
Quickly stuffing some clothes in the sport bag
Grabbing some books from the counter
Jumps down the stairs, throws the bag in the trunk,
Waving his home good-bye: 5
The bi-weekly ritual

His mother in the driver’s seat, he in the passenger’s
Silently looking out the window, into the summer day
Whilst uneasiness grips his heart
Mother not even attempting a conversation 10
Her thoughts with her boyfriend
Another town, another time

Screeching the car comes to a stop
No time for a hug from mom
Already the red lights leave the driveway 15
Dad opens the door, smiling
For two days the child of another parent
Until sunday afternoon the game is reversed

By Max Görlich, 16, John F. Kennedy School, Berlin, Germany

Between Doors

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