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So breathe and begin!

Two hundred and seventy

And then some

Days spent blind

But now they are nothing

Great symphony of sound

May it mark the start

Like a gun for a race: scream!

Great symphony of sound

A thousand oceans over sand

Worldly winds flow and work

Scraping stones. That is the sound

And that is it’s rough flow

Of ins and outs

Through the mouth and nose

Steadily without pattern

Which does heave hearts

Fill fingers with tingles

Make all want to shout

Hug, kiss, cry and live!

Oh great symphony of sound, do you promise not to end

Do you promise not to go

Oh great symphony of sound, promise not to leave me

Lying silent and alone.

by Isaiah Michalski, 17, Babelsberger Filmgymnasium, Potsdam Germany


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