Columbus, was an a******

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Arawak natives died, we rejoice Columbus Day,
To rid or celebrate the founding of, America, Massachusetts Bay?
We’ll analyze this and we’ll plunder on through that,
Pizarro’s personality, and why Columbus was really a spoiled little brat.

But it’s not all that, I’ve had to learn,
What books would do such, such books I would burn.

And no, we do not celebrate Hitler day,
A man who did much and too much to say,
We are not as sickened, as those over the blue,
They brought him gifts and he brought them the flu,
Columbus was riding it out with his crew,
He wanted the riches, which stacked up as he slew.

An a******, Columbus was an a******.

By Paul Gracey, 17, Westerford High School, Cape Town, South Africa

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