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He’s the boy of “great” wonders.
He’s a talented young man.
He’s articulate and dapper,
And what he wants to say he can.

The pen melts into his fingers,
And the worlds in words are so.
Passive silence is his facade,
Whereas the paper shares his woe.

Days of gloom and gray are gone,
When his stories tell otherwise.
Light beams through when he wants it to,
But in black he remains in disguise.

Coarse and vitriolic is he,
When people cut him deep.
But the pen screams loud and lifts the shroud;
There is no more reason to weep.

And she’s the girl of great thought.
Her philosophy shatters walls.
Some simple words are all she says,
And upon her significance falls.

She heard the boy and she smiled,
But had learned his real name.
She offered to him a new one,
And he took it as it came.

Now they write, but miles apart,
Separate by endless water.
They listen to each other’s stories
And heal every stinging bother.

Despite a discouraging distance
Of blue in which he’d drown,
He’s sad no longer and his words are stronger,
For his best friend is Alice Crown.

by Christian Gann, 16, Seoul American High School, Seoul, South Korea

Giles Kidd

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Creative writer, published freelance photographer and journalist, creative cinematographer -- "The fact of storytelling hints at a fundamental human unease, hints at human imperfection. Where there is perfection there is no story to tell." ~ Ben Okri

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