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I’m the last page
of a book you didn’t read,
Shivery hands
of a strong woman,
Ivory in the look
of a blind man,
I’m the wood in the forest,
the stone on a coast,
I’m everything you could
but you don’t see.
I’m the darkest shade
of a colour,
I’m the extra in a movie,
the super on stage,
I’m everything you could
but just don’t see.
A pin in the wall,
hidden behind a king’s portrait,
I’m luxury of a poor,
A coin in a wallet of a rich,
between hundreds of notes,
If you’d just look deeper,
go under,
peer among the surface,
try to understand that I’m different,
try to see that I’m as you,
try to feel that we’re in the
same page.


by Giulia Mori, 17, Albert-Einstein Gymnasium, Berlin, Germany



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