If I could Choose

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If I Could Choose

If I could win the lottery,
And buy island in the sea,
Live a life of fame and fortune,
In a world that turns for me.

Would I buy that great Ferrari?
Or that house back home in Spain?
Get that shining role on Broadway,
Watch me “Singing in the Rain”!

If I could make a single wish,
If only I could choose,
The thing that I would ask for,
That thing I’d choose is you.

I’d hold your hand and you’d hold mine,
And my world would fall back into line,
And we’d never give this up again,
We’d never ever let this end.

But I’ll never get that guarantee,
You’ve chosen your life over me,
And maybe I will be ok,
But remember: I chose you that day.

by Jane Waters, 19, Berlin Germany

If I could choose

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