In a Day

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Rows of dark faces beneath a solemn mask,
Can reclaim the color that escaped them.
If a single drop of light can heal withering skin,
Then so can a smile therein.

Silent sight can see at touch and sound,
As imagination saturates the void.
And illuminated is hope of the blind,
As she finds what she thought was destroyed.

Assuaged is the soul, at the softest kiss,
When the world wrought blood red despair.
But, the crimson shades fade, and in grey he wades.
Soothed is his spirit at the plea of a prayer.

A tear-stained rose, wilted and cold,
Under the eyes of a beast in the shadows.
A gust of snow, brings a girl he couldn’t know,
For she loves him out of his sorrows.

The mirror cracked at the sight of dark reflections;
Not an entity, but a mere wicked desire.
Hours and days of a fateful yearning,
Brought an opportunity of redemption required.

A beautiful passion, crushed by envy,
Leaves her melting from her angel eyes.
But, a love for her delicate obsession,
Was all that she needed for her to rise.

In a day, those swelling with fire are doused,
And their hearts will shatter at a shove.
But, in a day, it can take but one to mend them,
Simply with an act of love.

by Christian Gann, 16, Seoul American High School, Seoul, South Korea

In a Day

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