In Memoriam

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How hard it is to
Write something memorable
In a world where the smallest thing
Is announced to be amazing
And the biggest accomplishment
Is criticized.

What should I write about?
Maybe the song playing on the radio
Or the smell of socks in this room
Or the snow, because people love that crap.

I am lost in the labyrinth my own folk
Has created.
The windows are tainted with failures and suicides,
The kitchen reeks of soap and
Other stuff,
And my map has left my brain.

Maybe I should just
Give up and
Read a book or
Go scuba diving.
Either way it would be silly.
The cement in my head is
Solid and set and
That’s it. No hand-prints
Or signatures.
It’s bad.
Let me sleep.

by Ésme Manuel, 16, St. Stephen’s High School, Italy

In memorian

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