Keeper of Secrets

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You hear them, those
Whispers urgent.
Willingly wanting
To be heard.

Mundane the thought
That led to confess
Don’t tell beg
Yours to hear

Overflown with truths
Unowned and sealed
Don’t tell beg
I to speak

You wish, you do
To voice your own
Confidencialities unknown
No wait…

They remain
Locked away
Sunless with the unowned
No, don’t tell beg

They and more still
Don’t tell beg
Allow me relief
Please hear me out

You keeper of secrets
Clothed in white
Don’t tell beg
No one else knows

Won’t spill them
Reasons not found
So they remain
In possession unowned

Can I tell you something
Simmering beneath my tongue
Don’t tell beg
So I said

You keeper of secrets
Dressed in white
Keep it secret
Don’t tell beg

By Wesley Jade, 23, South Africa

Keeper of Secrets

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