Letters To My Own #1: An Important Message

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All along a river bed,
Shells of color lie and rest,
Their creamy shades of blue and green,
Cause tears of mine to fall abreadst,

My feet cool in the dry white sand,
Aching for a dip below,
Alas the murky water said,
“Child my water is not a doe,”

Beleive him over mine i did,
But sure of truth I knows’t not,
For the wet that lines my burning cheeks,
Differs from the river lot,

T’was not a he of single body,
Moreso many speak as one,
They keep from a far off ghost,
Ten thousand beasts before me run,

From the shells of duo color,
My eyes lift to haunted grass,
Alone a spectre gazes to me,
And the water stills-reflective glass,

I know the person who wanders there,
Across the shore against the woods,
My heart leaps out, but falls away,
I realize he is the devil’s goods,

From my lips a cry of “Banshee!”
I scream, I thrash, I wail to him,
“You Banshee! Where is your ground to stand?”
But his eyes stare back, black as sin,

My body falls to nefarious sand,
Cream green shells departed,
I spit from my mouth onto my hands,
I end the search of where my heart is,

When hours seem to pass-but minutes true,
I feel a hand entwine with mine,
Warm and firm against my shaking,
Forever here, I could pass the time,

Too afraid to see who sees me so,
But too weak with want to resist,
He turns my face to his own in pace,
Alas where did the Banshee go?

In joyfull swing I embrace this person,
My search ends on this sand,
I found my lost soul Giles Kidd,
I’ll never let go of him again,

The river now an endless ocean,
The shells’ color-turquoise fused,
I stand beside this body of mine,
Who did find me-so he choosed,

Yet as we watch the waves a yonder,
I am carefull to keep in line those eyes,
And ever lingers a fear for him,
Not to get caught it demon’s lies,

But to my surprise after a time,
He turns to me and says,
“Alice Crown you know you’ve saved me,
And added to death’s delays,”

T’was not true I should have said,
He saved me instead.

By Alice Crown, 17, Fort Hamilton High School, USA

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