When a fire stops to burn

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We all know what happens when a fire starts to burn,

A spontaneous combustion ensues and heat is given off with ease,

She wants to sugar coat the fire, make sure it can be put it out with a gentle touch,

But little does she know, she is burning the fire brighter than before,

“I’m still unsure”, feeds my needs for O2’s and C’s.


Because what happens is, when a fire stops to burn,

The world becomes a clearer place, the skies become much bluer,

I can think freely, unshackled presence,

But the fire is warm for her also,

Sugar coat, sugar rain, she feeds me ambrosia to feed the pain,

I’d rather take the pain, accept it for what it is now,

The fire will not stop burning for a while,

Plenty of time to send me your smile.


by anonymous



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