Would time allow it?

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How can a person hurt, with such a force and such a rage?
Over another person, *weakly* bonded, on a another stage?
Why enter the void, when the outside is sweeter?
Why am I incapable of receiving the love I have for her?
Is it something I do, is it something I say?
Will there ever come a warmer day?

Why now, why here?
Why not take the chance?
What’s your fear?

Cans’t you believe,
That it was just, meant to be?
We’ll never know unless you try or, please, god release me!

What is it you want? Never? Or the next time I chase,
Will you look for my face,
Awankened again, with what kind of grace,
You string me on, and on and on and on,
Well please tell me now, is it off or is it on?

You know what I wish, you know what I want,
So liberate me now, in both definitions of the word,
Whether we walk apart, or fly close like birds,
I need to know. I need to know now.

by anonymous



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