The Rabbit Hole

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As I enter into the rabbit hole,
I try to capture with my weak eyes,
The shines of life which made us sigh,

I stretch my nostrils to invite each and every scent,
And hope with fullness her truth was meant.

My mind is made, I may yet fade,
But life is here to show us all,
Good and bad, to watch us fall,
We learn from these, rarest times,
That every mountain is worth the climb.

Whether from the peak I’ll tumble and fall,
Whether I admit to making a bad call,
Whether I end in tears, plentier than the last,
I will think back to this time, this happiest time of the past.

I have made my choice, I deem it right,
The pain I have paid, the turmoil, a hefty price, to win a fight.



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