A sure uncertainty – Another teenage hearthrob poem

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As I walk head on, gears churning fast,
I can’t help but wonder if this feeling will last.
I’ve travelled this road, before it was laden with treachery,
And I try to peer into the distance, whether this will end in misery.

My wall of flames, no less a blaze than at the birth of this conquest,
Makes my worries dark with ash, and forces a clenching of my chest.
So much can go wrong, so much that it screams,
Will my hopes ever live out, like they do in my dreams?
It’s hardest now, than it ever was, harder now, than it seems.

I see her smile, when I close my eyes,
I see her eyes, when I think back to times,
When we were together, no foul air around,
And now I am to believe, that her and I are one and found, just as such, as one clear sound.

I feel like me, whatever me can be me,
When she graces my presence, I feel so high, so unmistakably free,
Whether just her charm, her face, her lips,
The few I see of her in shortish clips,
I try my best just not to miss,
Anything in these short moments, as I lean in for an overdue kiss.



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