Tales of N.L.C (title pending)

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G9, Maintenance, Oakhill station
12/08/2083 23:41

The Light shone like a dot reflecting off the narrow concrete tube ½ a mile down. Victor was standing on the makeshift doorstep that lay right by the maintenance shaft. The heavy steel door labelled “Gamma 9” creaked open slowly and echoed down the tunnels. Mig, a small man, looked up to victor with his ink smudged face. “who is it?” Mig asked, as if an unknown light moving slowly through the tunnels was normal. “the light, whose is it?”
“I don’t know, But i have a hunch.” Victor said paying no attention to who was asking him.

Victor stepped off the doorstep and onto the dusty concrete floor and positioned himself so that his voice would echo down to whoever it was. He funneled his hands around his mouth and shouted. “WHO IS IT?”

“I’M A TROLL!!” The light replied. Mig Rolled his eyes at Victor.
“look, is it a member of G9 or what, cause if he is you know he ain’t supposed to be out here.”
“Mig, don’t you have some typewriters to fix or something. Mind your own business alright!” Victor said.

Mig was a constantly depressed man, and no one knew why, this is how mig came up with his unregarded statement “ people NEVER take themselves into consideration when they try to find a reason to a problem.”. People saw mig as the dwarf in an orange jumpsuit cleaning up their s***, sometimes even literally; G9 had awful plumbing. Not all the drink or women in the whole NLC metro could satisfy him.

“But honestly who is it?” mig said.

“Cameron, he went to aricot to look for something, and if you mention a word of this to anyone, i’ll have you put on plumbing duty for the rest of the month, clear?”
“yeah as if i don’t clean it up already” mig muttered as he pulled shut G9 Access 2-4.

“ok Troll come forward and show yourself”
“y’know victor? Thats the first time you’ve actually played along with anything i said” Cameron’s face had now become clear has he turned his head torch off, Only leaving the powerful Emergency light glaring around the door.

“yeah well when you call yourself a troll i can’t resist”
“anyway, mission successful?”
“let me sleep first,it was… complicated”

Cameron Pushed the door open, allowing victor to go in first, he didn’t want anyone noticing as it was illegal to leave your station without the station governor’s royal permission, and the station governor would never allow a task like this to be carried out.

In the morning, everyone got up as normal at 6:30 on the spot. Miners went to mine, guards went to guard and cooks went to lounge around in the kitchen, mixing oats and water. The mechanics fixed stuff and up further the train route in Oak hill station people were slouching as usual.

Victor worked his shift for 17 hours. He never saw any action, never had fun, never had time to get a drink with colleagues, just sitting in front of G9. At times like this when everything was “perfect” according to the
station governor, victor wondered how he got here in the first place.

Back when he was 14, 5 years after the bombs, his father got onto the truck with all the other men from the village that went to N.L.C, New London City. His father was joining the fight against the governmental forces. N.L.C, although ground zero 95, was a major tactical advantage in the plan to reform a sense of systemed society throughout Anglo America. But the only possible place to breathe was 235.56 metres underneath the earth in the NLC Metro network, one of Anglo Americas most sophisticated subways.

But what was supposed to be one battle at a train station lead to be the longest war between the Enclave and the rebellious group “the Eagles Order” And victor would be a larger part of it than anyone in it.

Malodenn Gardens Station
12/08/2083 22:33

As the trumpet played, soldiers marched from the tunnel and formed a line, those in front kneeled to make way for the beam rifles of those behind them, they were waiting for the order to open fire as soon as the enemy was sighted. This was going to be the largest showdown since Farron Street, between the Enclave and the Order. The enclave waited on the rails, flashlights at the tunnels and beam rifles at the ready. they waited 30 minutes before the chants of the order came echoing down and not only 43 seconds later had the chanting stopped in a light show of a bloody execution.

After the soldiers had moved deeper into the tunnels to govern the station That these men had died for uselessly, Two men walked towards the bodies that lay upon the rails. One clothed in a flak jumper and a fairly neat pair of trousers that eventually disappeared into his rubber boots, And the other, standing tall, wearing a long almost soft beige trench coat that sway against his long black rubber boots ,that stretched up right below his Knee’s, and his grey military trousers only slightly Visible before the coat was buttoned up before his chest and a belt around his waist. He went into his pockets and pulled out his leather glove. As he stretched it onto his hand he turned around to the man in the jacket “How many?”
“132 men sir” The man in the jacket said, gulping before each word.
“132 men, one hundred and thirty two men.” he kneeled down to one of the bodies, burned by the laser rifles of the enclave force. “well i am disappointed Michael, you barely gave your station any men now did you?”
“sir… if i may… we were ordered to keep the station governor alive… the president said so himself… !” The man in the long coat stood up and faced him, pointing one finger up to his lip, Alexander smiled, his dirty blonde hair making it even more menacing as he walked towards todd, the man in the flack jacket.

The Enclave needed the station Governors alive, for they knew most of the operations that went on within the order, also they made pretty valuable hostages. Michael was sent to Malodenn Gardens, the front line, and he put up a fight like no other, but alas not everyone gets away with being a “murderer” to the Enclave.

“i think… Michael deserved what was coming for him, and i would of course hate it if the president knew of this… “
“sir i… i assure you he won’t know of this” stuttered little weak officer todd,

“Oh he won’t” Alexander called one of the soldiers over.
“I’m afraid it is your duty to write the battle report private, the body count changed to 133.” Alex smiled as he reached for his leather holster, unbuttoned it and took his 1911 out. He put his left arm behind his back and pointed the pistol straight to todds forehead. “i do really hate law abiding snitches y’know, and i think, as a spy, you have most certainly outstayed your undercover welcome here.” the barrel was touching todds head as he kneeled down trying to make any attempt to pray. “The president sends his regards.”

And so, the body count proceeded to 133

G9 Maintenance, Oakhill Station
13/08/2083 10:43

“we have official Confirmation that undercover agent, George was killed after his cover was blown, he had managed to send only little information before the battle at Malodenn station. We have had negative radio contact with Malodenn, we have reason to believe that the Enclave forces have now obtained Malodenn and access to all B Lines, I repeat We have official confirmation… “ Echoed through the speakers of G9. Victor had sat in the mess hall for half an hour in fear along with many of his comrades.

The B line was the highest metro line, A above ground, B below, C deep and D the deepest. Due to the near impossible conditions in some of the B line station, Victor and the rest of the order had no hope in keeping anything in the B line. this was only going to reduce access to the surface further for the order, pushing them deeper into the ground of NLC. All that was left to do was to evacuate everyone to the C line even that was a dangerous mission. Everyone on the B Line was doomed for good.

There had been rumour that The station governors on the frontline where planning a major push towards the Enclave station of St. Gales Station, the second biggest station under enclave control. Not only did it have access for all lines A, B, C and D, it was built underneath the main governmental house of N.L.C, from there The enclave had almost all control, the only thing holding them was the fact that the Old Town Depot was under control of The order. the force which held both had control of the entire city and state.

If only this attack was set in motion, the order had both the manpower and resources to last a whole 3 days in battle, But it was the moral and fear that prevented them. After all, going against heavily armoured soldiers, who were trained in one of the finest Military training programs of Anglo America.

G9 Maintenance, Oakhill Station
14/08/2083 7:43

“Now that everyone is finally here, We can finally start the briefing.” Nobody listened to the station governor. “SHUT UP” He shouted, yet all of the men were chatting to each other, a cloud of gossip floated around the room. The station governor, Henry, opened the draw to his desk and pulled out a loud speaker. He jumped up onto the desk and flicked on the switch. “ ATTENTION!” the Speakers buzzed after a burst of decibels projected out of them for the first time in decades. Everyone silenced and turned to him, standing on the desk. Lost of words henry nodded, got down and spoke.
“Right that took you a while. We are here to finally address the current issue. As all of you should now know, The Enclave have overrun Malodenn Gardens. We have barricaded all access and tunnels to Malodenn and other metro lines. We have a plan however, I’ll let Jeff guide you through the current state of the situation.” Everyone started chatting again, as Jeff, the projector man, operated the slides to bring up a map of N.L.C Metro lines B-C.
“Hi i uh.. have here a map of … NLC. So here we have malodenn gardens.” He pointed a stick up onto the red circle labeled Malodenn Garden: Enclave control. The map showed a random series of Red and blue lines, Red where enclave tunnels, and Blue the orders.
“We have… shut of these three points, we calculate it may take at least a week for them to breach it.”
“thank you jeff” the governor whispered, trying to indicate it was best for him to get back to work. Jeff was alway nervous, and had somewhat of a child’s bladder. “anyway, we
are here to announce operation Steel, And everyone in this room will play their part at a later time, for now keep your mouths shut, the Enclave have a robust system of spies, i don’t think i need to remind you of that. As of now, I want the following to stay behind, Cameron, Victor, Jones and Ashley. The rest of you back to your stations until further notice.” Everyone raised from their seats and proceeded out of the room in a rabble except for henry and the other four.

Victor and Cameron where the only two who had something to fear. Did mig tell them onto the governor? But if so why were Jones and Ashley there, they had nothing to fear.

The station governor, looked at the four soldiers in the room. “I think we all knew george, our best undercover agent. As we know he was executed after being found out, along side with Malodenn Gardens station governor, Michael. I’m not here with the four lieutenants who helped regain this station to discuss them, but to discuss Alexander Petrikov.” The narrow conference room went silent at his name. The conference room made to discuss an issue with customer satisfaction way way past the 3rd strike.

Alexander Petrikov was the Enclaves most prized sack of meat. He was a legend during almost any tale the enclave throw at you. He was almost respected amongst the station governors of the order, in a way you would respect the wits of your arch nemesis.

“He has offered a plan to counter our defense at Charing hall. we don’t know how and when he got the information. The main thing is we had a long discussion and we have finally came to a decision.”

The next 2 hours was filled with constant dictation of the plan, the plan to regain the middle defense. the four Lieutenants Victor, Cameron Ashley and Jones had not a single question throughout the entire Conference. It was an excellent plan, thoroughly detailed as if made by the enclave themselv… The siren shimmered. A loud horn went echoing down the corridors. As if almost like automated robots the Five people stood up and marched to the armoury, grabbed their gear and run towards Oak Hill station. On each of their backs were Backpacks filled with emergency supplies, each person in G9 equipped themselves with their standard issue side arm and a pulse rifle and headed towards Oak Hill.

Oakhill Station
14/08/2083 9:56

Oakhill was under attack it seemed. As all of the soldiers marched through tunnel or corridor towards Oakhill it became clear this was no drill. The loud guttering sound of lasers and conventional weaponry became clearer as they came closer And as they breached the G9 Oakhill door, they had entered a battle zone.

Julian Dudley, 14, Berlin British School, Berlin, Germany

Tales of N.L.C (title pending)

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