The Ability to Obliterate

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You were tragic disorganization and a lack of interest,
a shallow ocean, a dirty lake,
an unpleasant smell disrupting my daily routine,
coaxing the tragedy and divine indulgence from me.
You unlocked the fireworks in my head and the sparks in my fingertips,
and the secret passages written in the depths of my soul,
you unhinge my security and target the habits that make my toes curl,
and hands shakefor your lungs are black with tar and mine green with envy for you have the power to devour me whole and decipher the essence of my being,
for you have unraveled my very core and gutted me dry and broken me apart,
and I allow you to and enjoy watching you demolish my nature because at least I can inhale you in a blur and exhale you in a cloud of satisfaction as my spine shivers and my lips curl and I am an empty skeleton without your destruction.
For I thrive from what you devastate.
by Jacqueline Lucas, John F. Kennedy School, Berlin Germany
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