Cogs in one machine

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We see it all as the cogs of a machine,

Everything that ticks away is something we’ve already seen,

What someone’s done, where someone’s been,

Those who radiate kindly beams,

And those who strive to be the most mean,

And those who just are and always will be,

We are all the cogs, of the lonely machine.

It has all happened, long before,

We tend not to mention it, for danger of making our ego’s sore,

For battling with our interests, and making life another bore,

For all we want is more and more,

Like the economic goals of a common red lit double d’s whore,

More and more, of the same boring gore.

We won’t learn, just because we can’t,

We are a machine and not a developing plant.

by Datin Waters, 14, Notre-Dame International High School, Paris, France

Cogs in one machine

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