Time – An uncontrollable fire

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Time – An uncontrollable fire

31 million, and a little bit more,

That’s how many seconds we have each year,

And yet each year we wage the same wars,

Open the very same doors and hope not to die,

Do the same little chores and hope we can fly,

Time will control us lest rivers run dry,

But when they do that, our eyes will not cry,

For nothing will move and nothing will be,

Anymore, Time will grieve.

I am so consumed, by what we call time,

Give me just a little more and I will make this whole world mine,

But money doesn’t affect those sands,

Money works in euros and grands,

But money affects us not, in age and wrinkly hands,

That is something we never will control.

by Datin Waters, 14, Notre-Dame International High School, Paris, France

Time - An uncontrollable fire

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