Dark Room

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A room, no larger than a grave
The wall, flat stone slabs
The air, dusty and suffocating
The door, merely an outline

Most days I remain in the corner
The outside is terrifying
It’s safer in the dark, always safer
But occasionally, I’m adventurous

I’ll peek through the rift
Blinding light fills my eye
It’s always safer in the dark
I’ll return to my corner and rock

She first came in with a candle
The light was subtle and soothing
I welcomed it and she sat beside me
We both stared at the dangling bulb

He came in the room with a flashlight
I screamed and cowered behind her
He left with his light, his head hung
But he returned, this time with a candle

More found me in my room
Others with brighter lights
One day the door was left open
And for a week I pushed them out

I peeked out again and found,
To my surprise, they had waited
They walked in with solid mouths
But I smiled and we stared at the bulb

The string is short and fringed
But she, the first, pushed me up
The light filled the room
I was frightened, but alive

And days go when the light flickers
Tears come to my hopeful eyes,
When I fear it will go out
But I may still have faith

In my corner, the room now lit
The door ahead, the knob now visible
My heart warm, the candles surround me
Before death, I will leave the room

by Christian Gann, 16, Seoul American High School, South Korea

Dark Room

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