Do You Know Your Neighbor?

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Do you know your neighbor?
Their struggles and their labor?

Do you know your mother?
Her husband and her father?

Do you know your teacher?
When she goes to church and hears a preacher?

You could answer yes,
You could answer no,

We think we know the world,
The child down the street with her hair curled,

However do we really understand?
Do we know our own land?

Sure we have sciences and art,
We have people who make the part,

But tell me there is more to this beautiful place,
I want to take it slow, but sometimes quicken the pace,

I want to see the roses,
I want to water them with hoses,

But I need to fly with the birds,
To run with the herds,

To experience,
To know,
T ask,

Our existence is awe inspiring,
I love every moment without dying,

I say hush,
The grass is lush,

Lie down with me,
Look to the sky and tell me what you see,

Love, truth, harmony,

Such good things,
Safe things,

But I plead you this,
Do you know who you share this sky with?

Remember the times of peace,
Be ready for the times of unrest,

Stand your own with the hand of your fellow human,
Do you know them?
Do you love them?
Do you respect them?

What color are they?
And their eyes?
What do you hear them say?
Hopefully no lies,

Do they inspire you?
Do you enjoy your time with them?
Through and through…?

Consider a notion,
Consider a motion,

Where the world can be mixed without hate,
Let green beans touch mashed potatoes on your plate,

Instead of defense and offense,
Try a melodic dance,

Twirl and twirl and twirl but don’t forget,
Lies can upset,

Do you know your neighbor?

by Alice Crown, 16, Seoul American High School, South Korea


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