If I Could Make a World

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If I could make a world, and it would totally be my own,
I would make forests for my fire and forests left alone.
The sky would still be blue, ‘cause the smoke couldn’t reach it.
I would control my environment so the flames wouldn’t breach it.

If I could make a world, I’d find game of the plenty.
I wouldn’t hunt the rare beasts just because I can spend a penny.
I’d leave the other animals to their home, as they could to mine.
I wouldn’t chase them out when I see a gem that shines.

If I could make a world, and I wanted to explore it,
I would have a creature there before guide me and stand for it.
I wouldn’t want to be the first, I would want to learn.
Because whoever’d be in this world first would treat it and not turn it.

And if I could make a world, and I was my own alone,
I’d want to make a someone else who could take it and follow.
But I can’t make another world, I’m left on this one here.
But if I had been the first one to step on its dirt, I might want to disappear.

By Christian Gann, 16, Seoul American High School, Seoul, South Korea

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