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When I get the urge to create something, whether it be a drawing, or a piece of writing, maybe even a home cooked meal, i always get ridiculously fired up. for whatever reason, this energy comes from an idea i might think up in ten minutes or so. the more i think about the idea, and the more weight i give it, the more excited i become. sometimes, i could be on the brink of falling asleep, the darkness already hugging me, then BAM! i jump out of bed to find the tools i need to complete the idea.

however, i never finish it. the idea never sees the light of day aside from a failed sketch, or destroyed cookie batter, or even a draft that was only to be deleted ten minutes after starting. to go from an exhilarating high, it’s origin founded in creation, to an all time low, found in failure and destruction, is heart wrenching. it’s a sick, feeling, to know that your big idea, was a failure, not because of a flawed concept, but because of a lack of talent.

but then there are times, when after a long day of failure after failure, my hand makes something. and i continuously get excited because it’s looking really good. the satisfaction after those moments where i actually create something i believe in, something i think is worthwhile, is the reason im even in the business of creation, the reason i can keep trying even if all i get in return are failures.

By Alice Crown, 16, United States

Why Continue

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