Nine Months, A Day, and Missed Memories

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These feelings are overwhelming me.
It’s causing the tears to edge, yet I will not let them spill. I need to get away, I need to rewind the times, I need to cut the ties that lead to all of this.
These feelings are too much, this is miserable.
It’s horrible, it’s like being flayed with a barbed whip, it’s like having salt being rubbed into an already infected wound, it’s like losing the best memory.
I’ve lost nine months and a day full of memories that should have happened.
You should have been here, but you were taken away, and it still hurts.
It still hurts all of us.
Yet, your absence has taught us to appreciate and love, the most.

by Jules Ericson, 16, Effingham County High School, United States


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