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I don’t understand how you can form such perfect words, such syntactically intact sentences, such images for my mind.
I don’t understand how you can create a whole new world, with such perfect words to describe the imperfections of it all, with such sentences to keep it flowing.
I don’t understand how you can whip up such a concoction, how you can magically create such things, how you can piece together the right puzzle pieces, how you can effortless tie together such a story with such intricate threads.
I don’t understand, but I do know, and what I know, I appreciate.
I appreciate your use of words, making things detailed; not pedantic or wordy.
I appreciate your use of literary devices, your ability to create imagery to stimulate my imagination, my mind, my brain.
I appreciate your ability to make the stories worthwhile, with a hidden deeper meaning, making me hunt for things that I missed.
I appreciate the fact that your stories, your poems, your words cause me to remember that I am, in fact, not a robot, but a human being, with feelings.
I appreciate these feelings that make me uncomfortable, and miserable, ecstatic, confused- emotional.
I appreciate it all.


by Jules Ericson, 16, Effingham County High School, United States

Thank you

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