Remember when…

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Remember when…
We lived side by side
Playing every day
Growing up together

Remember when…
We drew those crayon pictures
Crudely done but filled with love, for our mothers?
We drew the same thing and shared my crayons

Remember when…
We went to high school dance together
Swaying to the music, holding each other
That was the first time I kissed you

Remember when…
We had our wedding day
A bright outdoor wedding, with both our families?
It had so much to see, but all I saw was you

Remember when…
It rained one day
Grey skies spilling tears,
Mixing with the drops from your face?

Remember as
I called out to you that day
Shouting your name, saying “I’m right here!”
But you just stared at a dripping grey stone

It had fresh turned earth and dying flowers in front of it?
You looked at the stone and I followed your gaze
My voice died, as my name was on the grave.

By Nathalia Jenung, 16, American Community School of Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates

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