Sang-Li or The Oil Throne

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“Welcome to China!”, said the naked Chinese women as she led the fat european man by hand down the stainless steel halls. He could hear the rumbling of the machines all around him and the place smelt like oil and sweat. He stroked the women soft, manicured hands and thanked her for her kindness. Then he asked her when he would be able to see her boss, Sang-Li, because, as much as he liked the women, he had important arrangements with Sang-Li to discuss.

“Just a minute.” She said. “You’ll see him soon enough.” Then she tugged at his chubby arm again leading him down the hall way. The orange light attached to the ceiling swayed too and fro. The factory was moving. Finally they came to a large velvet door. She opened it and revealed a large velvet room with a large golden throne covered in oil.

“Come in.” said Sang-Li.

​By Sam Wasserman, 17, BBS, Berlin, Germany

Sang-Li or The Oil Throne

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