The Traveler

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“Sit down Mr Black.” Colonel Francis told the trembling, naked, hairy man who went by the name he had prior been called. Mr. Black eyed the group of uniformed men and took the seat he was offered.

“Now, my men have already briefed me on your statement but I’d like to hear the whole thing again. From you.”

Mr. Black looked up to Colonel Francis suspiciously. He tried to remember if he had ever heard of a ‘Colonel Francis’ in his modern history classes at school back when he was a boy but the name didn’t ring a bell. He took a deep breath and began his story, for the seventh time.

“I came through a wormhole. X-V 142 to be exact. I’m not the first. Except, something went wrong. I’m not meant to be here.”

“Here?” Asked Colonel Francis.

“In the year 2056. It’s wrong. I’m from- I’m from the future.”

“I see.” Colonel Francis snickered. “And what exactly is this ‘wormhole travel’ like?”


“Excuse me?”

By Sam Wasserman, 17, BBS, Berlin, Germany

The Traveler

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